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The Humanities Essay Prizes are awarded for outstanding essays written for courses in the Humanities. This year, the Department of History had a number of excellent essays.

Level II
Second Place:

Alexia Olaizola
‘Baby Machine: International Gestational Surrogacy, a Global Health Crisis’
History 3CP3 The Citizen-Patient: A Modern History of Public Health, 1700-Present

Level III
First Place:

Simon Vacca
Historical (Mis)Representations of the Tecumseh and Other Indigenous Figures in Various Depictions of the War of 1912
History 3CW3 Canada in a World of Empires

Level IV
First Place:

Samhita Misra
Settling for Truth: Bearing Witness to the Histories of Residential Schools, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Indigenous Resurgence in Canada
History 4RP3 Independent Research Project

Level IV
Second Place:

Daniel Ionico
The Myth of the Pristine Landscape: Canada’s History of Land Use
History 4CZ3 Advanced Research in Modern Canadian History