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VandersommersThe Department of History welcomes Dr. Daniel Vandersommers,  Postdoctoral Fellow in Animal History at McMaster University. Dr. Vandersommers is organizing a zoo studies workshop and co-editing a collection tentatively titled Zoo Studies and a New Humanities with Dr. Tracy McDonald. He is also teaching a course entitled “Humans and Other Animals: The Real ‘Big History’ from the Pleistocene to the Anthropocene,” as well as finishing his manuscript The National Zoological Park and the Transformation of Humanism in Nineteenth-Century America. Before arriving at McMaster University, Dan was a Visiting Assistant Professor in Modern American History at the University of Mississippi.

Dan graduated from The Ohio State University in August 2014 with his Ph.D. in Early American History. Dan’s research examines the convergent landscapes of intellectual history, environmental history, animal studies, and the history of science. His dissertation was awarded The Ohio Academy of History Dissertation Award for 2014. In addition, he has published articles in the Journal of American Studies, Humanimalia: A Journal of Human/Animal Interface Studies, and Expedições: Teoria da História e Historiografiada.