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Thursday Speaker Series 2006/2007

October 26, 2006
Dr. David Welch, Hooker Distinguised Visiting Professor
“Are We Winning the War on Terror?  How Can We Tell?

November 9, 2006
Dr. Ritu Birla
Writing History Inside/Outside Capital Logic: Colonialism, the Rule of Law and the Capitalist Subject in India”
Graduate Colloquium

November 16, 2006
Dr. Andrew Duffin
“The Agrarian Liberals on the Palouse: Re-Examinig the American Farmer”

November 30, 2006
Michelle Haapamaki, Ph.D. Candidate, McMaster University
“Politics, Fear and Air Raid Precautions: The Socialist Left in Interwar Britain and Civilian Protection Strategies”

January 11, 2007
Jason Miller, Ph.D. Candidate, McMaster University
“Labour and the Catholic Church – Where Does Sudbury Fit In?

January 25, 2007
Brandi Lucier, Ph.D. Candidate, McMaster University
“The Struggle for Racial Equality in Windsor: The Council on Group Relations, UAW Canadian Region 7, and the Charge Against the Chrysler Corporation, 1947-1956”

February 7, 2007
Dr. Vitaly Kozyrev
“Putin’s Russia: Change and Continuity from the Soviet Era”

March 14, 2007
Hooker Public Lecture
“Governing Sex, Regulating Women: Prostitution Laws and Race in the Nineteengh Century”

March 15, 2007
Dr. Philippa Levine
Culture and Empire Graduate Colloquium
“Sexuality and Empire”

March 29, 2007
Dr. Margaret McGlynn
“After the Dissolution: Survival Strategies of the Tudor ex-Religious