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Thursday Speaker Series 2007/2008

September 13, 2007
Angela Graham, Ph.D. Candidate, McMaster University
“Between the Elephant and the Collosus: the United States and Canada’s China Policy, 1949-1970”
Louis Pauly, Director, Munk Centre, University of Toronto
“Globalization, Political Authority, and the Previention of Systemic Financial Crisis”

October 4, 2007
Dr. Stephen Heathorn, McMaster University
“Long Before Olivers Stone…: Conspiracy Theory and the ‘Kitchener Films’, 1921-1926”

October 23, 2007
Edward Kissi
“Genocide and the Human Condition: A Comparative Analysis of Murder in the Name of Power and Purity in Rwanda and Cambodia”

November 5, 2007
Dr. Michael Egan, McMaster University
“Public Science and the Environment Crisis”

November 7 & 8, 2007
Hooker Visiting Professor, Viv Nutton
“Art, Anatony and the Missing Leonardos”
“A Century of Galen; From Windbag to World Author”

November 15, 2007
Selina Todd, University of Warwick
“Tweenies and Generals” Domestic Servants and Class in 20th Century Britain”

November 22, 2007
Sara Morrison, McMaster University
“The Stuart Royal Forests”

January 10, 2008
Lori Chambers, Lakehead University
“Misconceptions: Unmarried Motherhood and the Ontario Children of Unmarried Parents Act, 1921-1969”

January 31, 2008
Karen Dearlove, Ph.D. Candidate, McMaster University
“‘The Swashbuckling Mussolini’ and the ‘prototype of the Little Man’: Gender and interwar American Perceptions of Hitler and Mussolini”

February 7, 2008
Kevin Flatt, Ph.D. Candidate, McMaster University
“The odd survival and sudden death of evangelicism in the United Church of Canada, 1930-1970

February 14, 2008
Danielle Robinson, Ph.D. Candidate, McMaster University
“Modernism at a Crossroad: The Spadina Expressway Controversy in Toronto, Ontario, 1960-1971

March 7, 2008
Graduate Colloquium
“Alternative Methodologies for Historians: Bodies, Thread, and Text(iles)”

March 20, 2008
Harish Mehta, Ph.D. Candidate, McMaster University
“Soviet Buscuit Factories and Chinese Grants: Ho Chi Minh’s Economic Diplomacy During the Vietnam War”

March 27, 2008
Dr. David Barrett, McMaster University
“Contemporary China and the Burdens of its Past: Global Aspirations versus the Imperial/Maoist Heritage”

April 2, 2008
Second Annual Undergraduate Colloquium

April 3, 2008
Dr. Till van Rahden, Universite de Montreal
“Bringing Democracy to Daddy.  Changing Conceptions of Paternal Authority in West Germany, 1945-1965”