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Thursday Speaker Series 2011-2012

October 27, 2011
Dr. Alison McQueen, McMaster University
“Architectural Space and/as Archive: Empress Eugenie, the musee Chinois, and the Tuleries”

November 17, 2011
Veysel Simsek, Ph.D. Candidate, McMaster University
“Blessed Reorganizations” of Muhmud II (r. 1808-1839): The Early Origins of Tanzimat Decree (1839) and the Ottoman Reform in the 19th Century

March 1, 2012
Kevin Anderson, Ph.D. Candidate, McMaster University
“A Policy of Containment: Anti-Catholicism in Canada in the Cold War, 1945-1965”

March 15, 2012
Devon Stillwell, Ph.D. Candidate, McMaster University
“Pretty Pioneering-Spirited People”: The Early Days of Genetic Counseling, 1947-1980

March 29, 2012
Dr. Juanita De Barros, McMaster University
“Grannies, Midwives, and the Politics of Reproduction in the Post-Slavery British Caribbean”

April 12, 2012
Annual Graduate Colloquium
The Politics of Difference