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Faculty Emeriti

AKSAN, Virginia, PH.D. (Toronto)
Email: vaksan@mcmaster.ca

ALSOP, James D., Ph.D. Phil. (Cambridge) FRHS
Email: alsopj@mcmaster.ca

CASSELS, Alan, Ph.D. (Michigan)
Email: cassels@sympatico.ca

FRITZ, Paul S., Ph.D. (Cambridge) FRHS

JOHNSTON, Charles M., Ph.D. (Pennsylavnia)
Email: cjohnston12@cogeco.ca

KACZYNSKI, Bernice, Ph.D. (Yale)
Email: kaczynb@mcmaster.ca

LEVENSTEIN, Harvey A., Ph.D. (Wisconsin)
Email: levenst@mcmaster.ca

NELLES, H.V., Ph.D. (Toronto)
Email: nellesh@mcmaster.ca

REMPEL, Richard A., D.Phil. (Oxford) FRHS
Email: rempelr@mcmaster.ca

RUSSO, David J., Ph.D. (Yale)

THORPE, Wayne, Ph.D. (British Columbia)
Email: thorpew@mcmaster.ca

Faculty Retired

HALEY, Evan W., (Classics) Ph.D. (Columbia)
Email: haleyev@mcmaster.ca