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Stephen Streeter, Ph.D. (Connecticut)

Email: streete@mcmaster.ca
Phone: 905-525-9140 x.24147
Office: Chester New Hall 623

Steve Streeter specializes in the history of U.S. foreign relations and teaches courses on the United States, Latin America, and Vietnam. He is the author of Managing the Counterrevolution: The United States and Guatemala, 1954-1961 (2000) and is working on a second manuscript that will explore the Alliance for Progress years in Guatemala. His bibliography on inter-American relations during the interwar period will appear in the second edition of the SHAFR Guide to American Foreign Relations since 1600 (ABC-CLIO, 2003). Dr. Streeter is a member of the Institute on Globalization and a coinvestigator in the MCRI Globalization Project headed by Professor Will Coleman of the McMaster Political Science Department. Dr. Streeter has recently begun two new research projects. One examines the impact of U.S. development assistance programs in Vietnam during the 1960s. The second project will assess the role of the United States in the 1973 overthrow of Chilean president Salvador Allende.