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Animals Across Discipline, Time & Space
Curator: Tracy McDonald, Department of History, McMaster University
January 4 – March 21, 2020

Conference (March 19-21, 2020)

The relationships between human and nonhuman animals have always been at the heart of our existence. Notions of human superiority, reinforced in the age of enlightenment, have played a fundamental role in where we find ourselves in the 21st century: deep in the human-created catastrophe of the Anthropocene.

Animals Across Discipline, Time & Space brings together work by five artists who explore the nonhuman. The exhibition includes sculptural installations inside and outside of the museum by Mary Anne Barkhouse (Nimpkish tribe, Kwakiutl Nation), the interactive Urban Wild Coyote Project installation by Kathryn Eddy (American), large scale drawings by Erica Gajewski (Canadian), a video installation by Hamilton-based artist Derek Jenkins (American) and selected photographs by Colleen Plumb (American) from her series Animals Are Outside Today.
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