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2020-2021 Level IV Seminar Selection ballot

All students in an Honours History or Combined History program need to complete Level IV seminars as part of their program requirements (please check the Undergraduate Calendar for your specific program’s requirements). Since these courses are limited in size, enrollment is available by departmental permission only.

Honours History students are required to take 12 units of Level IV Seminars.

Combined Honours History students are requited to take 6 units of Level Seminars.

New: Students entering third year in 2020-2021, are welcome to take one (1) History seminar.
(Student must be registered in Level III Honours History program to enol)

Please complete and return it to the department by Monday, March 9. Completed forms can be e-mailed to  or in the department office (CNH 619).

Students will be emailed with their seminar allocations through their McMaster email.  Students are responsible for checking their emails for allocations.

Seminar Selection Form 2020_2021

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