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Thursday Speaker Series 2018-2019

Dr. Tracy McDonald, Department of History, McMaster University
Animals Experience the Moscow Zoo from the 1920s to the 1950s.
Thursday, 25 October
CNH 607B ~ 2:30 p.m

Dr. Mark Steinberg, Department of History, University of Illinois (Cancelled- Reschedule for the fall)
Wings of Revolution: Sacred Memorialization and Meaning in Revolutionary Russia
Thursday, 28 February
LRW 2001

Dr. Bonny Ibhawoh, Department of History | Centre for Peace Studies, McMaster University
Archival Silences and Commissioned Truths: Constructing Counter-Hegemonic Human Rights Histories
Thursday, 7 March
CNH 607B ~ 2:30pm

Despina Stratigakis, Vice Provost for Inclusive Excellence | Professor, Department of Architecture, University of Buffalo
The Fuhrer and the Decorator: Hitler’s Home as Nazi Propaganda
Thursday, 28 March
CNH 607B ~ 2:00pm