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Nancy Bouchier, Ph.D. (Western Ontario)

Phone: 905-525-9140 ext. 24136
Office: CNH-603

My teaching and research involve the historical and socio-cultural aspects of sport and physical activity. The undergraduate courses that I teach include, The History and Philosophy of Kinesiology (a core course), The History of Physical Culture and Sports Medicine (available for History credit), and Historical Interpretations of Sport and Physical Activity. They examine the social and cultural dimensions of how people in the past have engaged in organized physical activities, and in how, historically, exercise has been an important part of both social life and medical practice in the western world.

My research focuses particularly on issues of gender, social class, the environment, and locality in the history of sport and physical activity. I am also broadly interested in the relationship between sport and hegemony. With my colleague Ken Cruikshank I am currently working on a SSHRCC-funded book examining the history of environment, the state, and recreation on the Burlington Bay. I have just completed another book manuscript on the rise of amateur sport in nineteenth century Ontario towns.

Recent Publications

Anstead, C.J. and N.B. Bouchier. The Tombstone Affair, 1845: Woodstock Tories and Cultural Change. Reprinted in C.M. Wallace and R.M. Bray, Eds., Reappraisals in Canadian History: Pre-Confederation, Third Edition. Scarborough: Prentice Hall Allyn & Bacon Canada, 1999, 455-471.

Cruikshank, K. and N.B. Bouchier. The Pictures are Great but the Text is a Bit of a Downer. Creating Ways of Seeing and the Challenge of Exhibiting Critical History. Canadian Historical Review. March, 1999, 96-113.

Bouchier, N.B. and K. Cruikshank. Reflections on Creating Critical Sport History for a Popular Audience: The People and the Bay. Journal of Sport History. 25(2), Summer 1998, 312-319.

Bouchier, N.B. Let Us Take Care of Our Field. The National Association of Physical Education For College Women and WWII. Journal of Sport History. 25(1), 1998, 64-85.

Cruikshank, K. and N.B. Bouchier. Dirty Spaces: Environment, the State, and Recreational Swimming on the Hamilton Harbour. Sport History Review. 29 (1), 1998, 1-20.

Bouchier, N.B. and Ken Cruikshank. The People and the Bay: A Popular History of Hamilton Harbour. Hamilton: Ontario Workers Arts and Heritage Centre, 1998.

Bouchier, N.B. Canadian Sport History. Acadiensis. XXVIII, 1, Fall, 1998, 98-102.

Bouchier, N.B. and Ken Cruikshank. Sportsmen and Pot-Hunters: Environment, Social Class, and Regulation in the Fishing of the Hamilton Harbour, 1850-1939. Sport History Review, 28 (1), 1997, 1-18.