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Jaeyoon Song, Ph.D. (Harvard)

Phone: 905-525-9140 ext. 24146
Office: Chester New Hall 611

Jaeyoon Song is a specialist in 11th-14th century Chinese intellectual history and the history of political thought. Song teaches courses on both pre-modern and modern Chinese history including Chinese intellectual traditions, Modern China and the Great Chinese Cultural Revolution. He has published articles in major journals of East Asian studies including “Redefining Good Government: Shift Paradigms in Song Dynasty (960-1279) Discourse on Fengjian” in T’oung Pao 97 (2011), and also contributed a chapter to Statecraft and Classical Learning (2009). Song has his first monograph, Traces of Grand Peace: Classics and State Activism in Imperial China (2015), with the Harvard University Press (; he is now working on his second book manuscript, Institutions of Empire: Statecraft Traditions in Ma Duanlin’s (1252?-1323) Comprehensive Survey.