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We are the products of our collective experiences, and the continual upheaval and development of human society demands that individuals and institutions constantly adapt to new changes. The historan’s obligation is to sharpen our awareness of the mechanics of change, and so far as it is possible, to explain it.

The Department of History at McMaster offers a broad range of courses, both national and thematic. You’ll be introduced to the important interactions between great nation states, as well as to significant social theme, stretching across class, race, and gender.

As a student of history, you will develop essential research and communication skills. You’ll learn to think critically, to ask the right questions, and, when you’ve found the answers, to present your evidence in a logical way. you will learn that historians are faced with many intriguing questions when dealing with the past: not merely is this the truth?, but whose truth is this? Most of all, perhaps, you will learn to think globally, by discovering how developments in one part of the world have far-reaching effects elsewhere.

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2018-2019 Seminar Ballots are still available.  If you require Level IV History courses you are required to fill out the ballot and return it to the Department of History, CNH/619.

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