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Fall 2019-Winter 2020 Course Listing

Academic Calendar

Term 1 Fall 2019

HISTORY 1CC3 Rise Of Empires,500-1950  Dr. Weaver
HISTORY 1EE3 History Of Contemporary Issues Dr. Egan
HISTORY 2CC3 Medieval World 400-1050 Dr. Lindeman
HISTORY 2GR3 A History of Monsters Dr. Egan
HISTORY 2HI3 Historical Inquiry Dr. Frager
HISTORY 2II3 Modern Germany Dr. Drachewych
HISTORY 2RR3 U.S. History Since Civil War Dr. Streeter
HISTORY 2T03 Survey Canadian History:Beginnings to 1885 Jodey Nurse
HISTORY 2V03 Re-Making History: Dr. McKay
HISTORY 2Y03 WWII: A Global History Dr. Horn
HISTORY 3CG3 Canadian in Global Age: 1914 to the Present Dr. Chaktsiris
HISTORY 3CH3 Catastrophic History: Natural & Technological Disasters Dr. Egan
HISTORY 3CW3 Canada In A World Of Empires, 1492-1919 Jodey Nurse
HISTORY 3H03 Italian Renaissance:1300-1600, ONLINE Dr. Armstrong
HISTORY 3HI3 American Foreign Relations Dr. Streeter
HISTORY 3JJ3 Crime, Criminal Justice and Punishment in Modern History, ONLINE Dr. Weaver
HISTORY 3RU3 Early Modern Russia Dr. McDonald
HISTORY 3W03 Women In Canada &U.S. to 1920  Jodey Nurse
HISTORY 3YY3 Britain & The First World War Dr. Heathorn
HISTORY 4CM3 Modern Canadian History Dr. Chaktsiris
HISTORY 4I03 Women and Social Movements in the 19th- and 20th- Century United States Dr. Balcom
HISTORY 4JJ3 U.S. Foreign Relations Dr.Streeter
HISTORY 4MM3 White Supremacists and Human Rights Activists in Modern Canadian History Dr. Frager
HISTORY 4RP3 Independent Research Project
HISTORY 4RP6A  Advanced Independent Research
HISTORY 4SS3 Early Modern France,1450-1789 Dr. Armstrong

Term 2 Winter 2020

HISTORY 1DD3 c01 Making Of Modern World Dr. Heathorn
HISTORY 1DD3 c02 Making Of Modern World, ONLINE Dr. Heathorn
HISTORY 1FF3 Exploring History In Small Group Dr. Song
HISTORY 2CS3 Caribbean Slavery in the  Atlantic World, ONLINE Dr. DeBarros
HISTORY 2HH3 Mediterranean Encounters 1500-1800 Dr. Armstrong
HISTORY 2HI3 Historical Inquiry Dr. Bouchier
HISTORY 2JJ3 Africa Since 1800 Paul Emiljanowicz
HISTORY 2KK3 History of Capitalism Dr. Weaver
HISTORY 2MC3 Modern China Dr. Song
HISTORY 2R03 U.S. History to Civil War Jodey Nurse
HISTORY 2SH3 Canadian Sport History, ONLINE Dr. Bouchier
HISTORY 2TT3 Canadian History:1885-Present Dr. Chaktsiris
HISTORY 3CP3 The Citizen-Patient: A Modern History of Public Health, 1700-Present Dr. T Marshall
HISTORY 3HI3 Advanced Historical Inquiry Dr. Gauvreau
HISTORY 3I03 The International Relations of the European Powers, 1870-1945 Dr. Horn
HISTORY 3KK3 The Vietnam War, ONLINE Dr. Streeter
HISTORY 3N03 Poverty, Privilege and Protest in Canadian History Dr. Chaktsiris
HISTORY 3UA3 The History of the Future Dr. Egan
HISTORY 3WW3 Women in Canada & U.S. from, ONLINE Dr. Balcom
HISTORY 4CE3 Early Canadian History  Jodey Nurse
HISTORY 4HP3 The History Practicum Dr. Chaktsiris
HISTORY 4NN3 Utopia and Its Histories Dr. Egan
HISTORY 4P03 Contemporary Europe Arazoo Ferozan
HISTORY 4RP3 Independent Research Project
HISTORY 4RP6B Adv Independent Research