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Fall 2020-Winter 2021 Course Listing

Academic Calendar

Term 1 Fall 2020

HISTORY 1CC3 The Rise of Empires, 500-1950  |  Dr. Weaver (Virtual)
HISTORY 1EE3 The Historical Roots of Contemporary Issues  |  Dr. Cruikshank (Virtual)
HISTORY 2CS2 Caribbean Slavery in the Atlantic World  |  Dr. De Barros (Online)
HISTORY 2EE3 Science and Technology in World History  |  Dr. Egan (Online)
HISTORY 2G03 Modern Latin America Since 1820  |  Dr. Streeter (Online)
HISTORY 2HH3 Pirates, Pilgrims and Slaves in the Mediterranean, 1450-1750  |  Dr. Armstrong (Online)
HISTORY 2KK3 History of Capitalism  |  Dr. Weaver  (Virtual)
HISTORY 2MC3 Modern China  |  Dr. Song (Virtual)
HISTORY 2Q03 Imperial Russia  |  Dr. McDonald (Online)
HISTORY 2TT3 Survey of Canadian History, 1885 to the Present  |  Dr. Nurse  (Online)
HISTORY 2V03 Re-Making History  |  Dr. McKay (Virtual)
HISTORY 3DF3 Art and Politics in Second Empire France  |  Dr. McQueen (Virtual)
HISTORY 3J03 The United States in the 1960s  |  Dr. Streeter (Online)
HISTORY 3W03 Women in Canada and the U.S. to 1920  |  Dr. Nurse (Online)
HISTORY 3XX3 Human Rights in History  |  Dr. Ibhawoh (Online)
HISTORY 4AW3 North Atlantic Crossings, 1750-1940  |  Dr. Gauvreau (Virtual)
HISTORY 4CM3 Modern Canadian History  |  Dr. Nurse  (Virtual)
HISTORY 4HH3 China’s Great Cultural Revolution  |  Dr. Song (Virtual)
HISTORY 4JJ3 U.S. Foreign Relations  |  Dr. Streeter (Virtual)
HISTORY 4K03 Environment and Environmentalism in Modern North America  |  Dr. Cruikshank (Virtual)
HISTORY 4MM3 White Supremacists and Human Rights Activists in Modern Canadian History  |
Dr. Frager (Virtual)
HISTORY 4RP3 Independent Research Project (Virtual)
HISTORY 4RP6 Advanced Independent Research (Virtual)

Term 2 Winter 2021

HISTORY 1DD3 The Making of the Modern World, 1750-1945  |  Dr. Heathorn
HISTORY 1FF3 Exploring History in a Small Group Setting  |  Dr. Song
HISTORY 1P03 A History of Magic |  Dr. Armstrong
HISTORY 2DF3 Art and Revolutions in France, 1789-1914  |  Dr. McQueen
HISTORY 2EN3 Caribbean History  |  Dr. De Barros
HISTORY 2GR3 A History of Monsters  |  Dr. Egan
HISTORY 2IS3 Impeached! Scandal and Intrigue in American Political and Social History  |  Dr. Balcom
HISTORY 2JJ3 Africa Since 1800  |   TBA
HISTORY 2QQ3 The Soviet Union  |   Dr. McDonald
HISTORY 2RR3 U.S. History Since the Civil War  |   Dr. Streeter (Online)
HISTORY 2SH3 Canadian Sport History  |   TBA (Online)
HISTORY 2SS3 Liberty, Empire and Industry: Britain, 1688-1867  |   Dr. Heathorn
HISTORY 3CG3 Canadians in a Global Age, 1914 to the Present  |  Dr. Nurse
HISTORY 3EC3 Chinese Intellectual Traditions  |   Dr. Song
HISTORY 3FF3 Nazi Germany  |   TBA
HISTORY 3GN3 Moments in Twentieth Century History Through the Graphic Novel  |  Dr. McDonald
HISTORY 3HQ3 History of Quebec  |   Dr. Gauvreau (Online)
HISTORY 3KK3 The Vietnam War  |   Dr. Streeter (Online)
HISTORY 3N03 Poverty, Privilege and Protest in Canadian History  |   Dr. Cruikshank
HISTORY 3UA3 The History of the Future  |   Dr. Egan
HISTORY 4FF3 History of Health and Medicine  |   Dr. De Barros
HISTORY 4HP3 The History Practicum  |  Dr. Nurse
HISTORY 4LP3 The Cultural History of Paris, 1789-1914  |  Dr. McQueen
HISTORY 4RP3  Independent Research Project
HISTORY 4RP6B  Advanced Independent Research
HISTORY 4RR3 Truth and Reconciliation After Atrocity  |  Dr. Ibhawoh
HISTORY 4S03 The German Reformation  |  Dr. Armstrong