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Undergraduate Program Options

Requirements for students are entering the program in 2010-2011 and onwards

The Department of History offers five level I courses, each of which is designed to introduce the student to the study of History at the university level. Six units of Level I History are required for those who anticipate entering B.A. or Honours programs in History. However, students will be admitted to programs in History if they have completed CLASSICS 1M03, (cross-listed as HISTORY 1M03) as part of the six units required for admission into the programs. Students may take only 12 units of these Level I History courses.

Not every History course listed in the Undergraduate Calendar is offered every year. The History website will post the list of courses that will be offered in the following academic year in March.

Enrolment in any Level IV History seminar will be limited to approximately 15 students. Students must be registered in Level IV of an Honours History program to enrol in any Level IV History seminar.

Students interested in Ancient History are advised to examine the courses in Classics offered by the Department of Classics.

The Department has defined six course lists that define areas of study. Course List 1 to 4 apply to Level II courses, and Course Lists 5 and 6 apply to Level III courses. Students should consult the Program Notes for their specific program to determine the requirements regarding these course lists.

Course List Area of Study
Course List 1 Europe (including Britain)
HISTORY 2CC3, 2DD3, 2DF3, 2EE3, 2F03, 2HH3, 2II3, 2K03. 2KK3, 2LA3, 2LB3, 2LC3, 2LD3, 2LW3, 2MM3, 2NN3, 2Q03, 2QQ3
Course List 2 Asia, Africa, Middle East
HISTORY 2A03, 2BI3, 2HH3, 2IC3, 2J03, 2JJ3, 2MC3
Course List 3 The Americas
HISTORY 2CS3, 2EN3, 2G03, 2NN3, 2R03, 2RR3, 2SH3, 2T03, 2TT3, 2UV3
Course List 4 Global History
HISTORY 2EE3, 2KK3, 2NS3, 2S03, 2U03, 2UU3, 2X03, 2Y03
Course List 5 Advanced Courses in Europe (including Britain and the Americas)
HISTORY 3CG3, 3CH3, 3CW3, 3DF3, 3FF3, 3GH3, 3HO3, 3HH3, 3HQ3, 3I03, 3J03,  3JA3, 3JJ3, 3MB3, 3MB3, 3N03, 3NN3, 3QQ3, 3RC3, 3RU3, 3VV3, 3W03, 3WW3, 3Y03, 3YY3
Course List 6 Advanced Courses in Asia, Africa, Middle East and Global History
HISTORY 3B03, 3BB3, 3CP3, 3DD3, 3ECE, 3ES3, 3IG3, 3KK3, 3L03, 3Q03, 3S03, 3SE3, 3UA3, 3V03, 3XX3, 3Z03, 3ZZ3