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Graduate Programs

The Department of History offers programs leading to the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees. Part-time M.A. and Ph.D. Studies are possible. The programs offered by the Department of History cover not only the standard geographic areas and chronological divisions of the western world, but also an increasing number of regions and themes outside this framework. The full range of approaches to history, from political and economic through social and intellectual, finds representation.

The Department supervises doctoral research in a variety of areas of specialization. Prospective applicants are directed to consult the thematic specialization chart and list for areas of faculty competence and supervision expertise. Candidates must contact individual faculty for guidance on appropriate thesis topics prior to applying.

When admission to Ph.D. work has been granted a candidate will, in consultation with his or her prospective supervisor and the Graduate Studies Chair of the Department, select two Minor Fields and one Major Specialization. Minor Fields and Major Specialization will cover the principal literature in the areas of concentration.

Minor fields normally consist of two half-year 700-level graduate reading seminars (offered in the first term) in each of which a major historiographical essay and a written course examination are required. The grade for a minor field will consist of the grades for the in-course requirements, the examination, and the historiographical essay, in combination as indicated by the minor field supervisor.

Graduate Chair: Dr. Tracy McDonald

Administrative Coordinator: Debbie Lobban


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